Why You Should Add Some Goji Berries to Your Next Smoothie

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Goji_berriesSmoothies are a great addition to or replacement for meals, because they’re easy and pleasant to drink and they are usually full of the good stuff, especially if you make them from scratch at home with a smoothie blender. However, to take full advantage of your smoothies, you should use ingredients with lots of nutrients and benefits, such as goji berries, a type of berry which has steadily become famous because it is a celebrity favorite with a bunch of health benefits. Believe it or not, goji berries – also known as wolfberries – which are popular in Asia for their sweet taste and color, are actually related to tomatoes and potatoes of all things. They are usually sold dried in Western countries, but that does not take away from their many medicinal and health benefits, which have been recognized for a long time in countries like China.

Aside from their bright red color, goji berries are great to add in your smoothie blender because they are quite sweet, which means they will naturally sweeten any recipe. Like most berries, they are also packed full of vitamins and antioxidants, which are known to be great to keep your skin looking fresh and young and your vascular system working like clockwork. Vitamins A and C are among those contained in a goji berry, which means for instance that they are great at helping your immune system fight colds. They also contain fiber, which is great to help digestion, as well as iron and, surprisingly enough, a high dose of protein, which is rare for a fruit.

Best of all? In spite of being filled with all of these great nutrients, goji berries are actually low in calories, which means they are a great asset for those who are on a diet or trying to lose weight. It’s not only the low calorie count that makes goji berries great for those who are on a diet though. Goji berries provide a lot of energy and a sense of fulfillment in spite of their low caloric value, which means they will keep you from eating other foods – unhealthy ones – while still providing you with the energy you need. The benefits of goji berries don’t end there though. They also raise your sugar level, much like chocolate, providing you with satisfaction for your sweet tooth and your soul without the added calories and with few-to-no unhealthy fats. Finally, some also believe goji berries can help regulate blood sugar and blood pressure, though this isn’t quite scientific at this point, while others believe the antioxidants in the berries can help reduce inflammation and ease the pain from conditions like arthritis. While neither of these effects are exactly proven, both are quite possible, given the nutrients this superfood has and the effects they are known to have.

In any case, this is an all-natural treatment, so it most likely won’t hurt to add a new kind of berry to your diet. All in all, goji berries are a real feel good food, which can really feed your body and soul in many ways. It is also quite beautiful and tasty, so it shouldn’t be a big sacrifice to eat some. If you’re not quite ready to snack on berries though, you can always start by adding them to your smoothie blender recipes for a pop of color, sweetness and highly-appreciated nutrition. 

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