What Is a Green Smoothie?

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Spinach SmoothieA green smoothie is a natural drink made from the green leaves of various plants and certain fruits. While this type of drink is normally attributed to vegans, vegetarians and people who are on a raw diet, anyone can drink it and enjoy its health benefits. Leafy greens can contain many vitamins and antioxidants that the human body needs to function properly and to rejuvenate itself. Not only that your nutritional needs can be satisfied, but you can also enjoy a delicious taste, a unique color and a natural and organic drink that you can make on your own with the help of a smoothie blender. What

Ingredients Can Be Used in a Smoothie? The base ingredients for preparing a smoothie is usually water, but you can also use almond milk or coconut milk. The second type of ingredients to add can be leafy greens and fruits. What you will use depends a lot on the availability of greens and fruits in your home. Other vegetables besides leafy greens can be used if you don’t have leafy greens, but they are not always recommended. Leafy greens are plants that are grown specifically for their leaves and the best examples can be spinach, parsley, celery and lettuce. The tops of root vegetables can also work well in a smoothie and there are also wild plants that can be used. A good example is dandelion leaves.

Popular greens for green smoothies are: kale, arugula, collard greens, cabbage, spinach, chard, celery, and cilantro. Why Are These Ingredients Used?

The base liquid provides consistency for the smoothie and the leafy greens or the fruits add texture to the drink. The secondary ingredients can also prevent too much separation. Leafy greens may not taste too good, but fruits can add flavor and make the drink tasty. Many people don’t like greens and the only solution for them is to add fewer greens to the mix. For starters, it can be better to use fewer greens and then increase the amount when they feel comfortable with it. You have to keep in mind that the taste of a green smoothie that is made without fruits is not as bad as it seems. It is just that you are used to very tasty foods. Once you begin with a smoothie that contains fewer greens, your taste will begin to improve. Your body will start to get used to the drink and will also begin to assimilate more of the nutritional components found in the smoothie.

With the help of a smoothie blender, it only takes up to five minutes to prepare a drink. This drink is really easy to make and there is no special knowledge to learn for being able to prepare a tasty green smoothie. You can energize your body by drinking one in the morning right before you leave home for school or work, but also before you go to bed. The pack of nutritional components found in this type of drink can help you to quickly improve your diet. With a green smoothie you can have many health benefits, as the drink is a natural fat burner, energy booster, immune system booster and one of the best natural fast foods that you can prepare.

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