Waring MX1000XTX Professional Smoothie Blender Review

waring1000TXTFrom your first look and feel you know right away that the Waring MX1000XTX blender is manufactured to a professional grade. As you lift it out of its box the first thing you notice is the size and weight of this blender. Weighing at 15 pounds and standing at almost 20 inches tall you can’t help to admire the way it looks on your counter top. The base has just two switches on it, for pulse mode and high and low speeds. Its a breath of fresh air when compared to blenders that have as many buttons as inside an airplane cockpit. The lightweight poly-carbonate 64-ounce pitcher has a large non slip handle on it. The legs of the blender have nonslip material which prevents your blender from moving across your counter when on. One feature I adore about the blender is that the blades attach to motor with a metal to metal mechanism, unlike some cheaper ones that like to use plastic, just proving again how heavy duty this appliance is. Very competitive to Vitamix for $100-200 less.



  • Professional Grade 3-horsepower motor.
  • 64-oz polycarbonate jar.
  • Two speeds and pulse function.
  • Two year warranty.

One of the strongest points of this blender is the consistency it turns ice and frozen fruit into. Try it yourself, grab 5 ice cubes and turn it on high speed for about 20 seconds. What you get is almost snow consistency, people have told me that alone helps them create best smoothies similar to Jamba Juice ones. Speaking of high speed, one of the major complaints across the board is the level of sound produced at that speed. I’d avoid using it for too long or you might have some unhappy neighbors if used early in the morning.Or use it as a good morning alarm, as one man uses his to wake up his 10 year old in the morning.

Waring MX1000R Smoothie Maker Review Clean up is painless as everything is either plastic or rubber. Stuck fruit under the blades is not an issue, just fill your blender with water and hit the pulse button few times cleaning anything at the base. Because the motor in this blender is so powerful its necessary to take few precautions you may not do with other smoothie makers. First of all try to avoid plugging it into the same outlet as your microwave, when being used it may draw as much as 20 amps of current, wow! Another thing is when making your smoothie, before hitting the start button hold your hand on top of the jug and press down, if you don’t, when started the blades will force ingredients up with enough force to lift up the lid if not held down. Last thing we need is smoothie on our ceiling and counter, right?

The Bottom Line: If you blend smoothies daily, or just a quality geek, you will love this blender as much as myself. If the Vitamix CIA scared you with its high price, with this Waring MX1000XTX blender you still get a premium smoothie maker and save around $200. Check out great deals currently on the Waring MX1000XTX from Amazon.com

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