Unhealthy Ingredients You Should Not Be Adding into a Smoothie

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Smoothies are the perfect alternative to unhealthy meals and beverages. However, if you don’t pick the ingredients carefully, you may be setting a trap for yourself. If something unhealthy ends up in your smoothie, you will gain weight instead of losing it, damage your health instead of bettering it. This is why we have come up with a list of ingredients you should not even be considering.

Unhealthy Ingredients You Should Not Be Adding into a Smoothie

Peanut Butter – While definitely a popular smoothie ingredient, peanut butter is not as healthy as many of us would like to think. It may be a good source of protein, but it’s pretty rich with calories and fat. Some brands even contain carcinogen aftlatoxins and sugar. If you’re on a diet, peanut butter is definitely not something you want to be adding into a healthy snack and even if you are not, you’re much better off seeking out healthier alternatives, such as almond butter.

Soy Milk – While soy milk itself is not inherently unhealthy, the soy milk most of us buy in stores (yes, even health food stores) is genetically modified. In fact, according to recent research, more than 90% of soy milk in the United States is genetically modified. The more you consume it, the higher your chances of having reproductive issues or breast cancer are. Instead, use bottled water or almond milk as a base for your smoothie.

Dairy – Dairy products are a big no if you want to stay healthy or lose weight. Ice cream, yogurt and milk are a common ingredient in most smoothies, especially the commercial ones, since they give these beverages a thick, creamy base. However, that does not mean they are healthy. On the contrary, dairy is high in fat and may contain various hormones and antibiotics. A good alternative to regular dairy products would be coconut or almond milk. 

Artificial Sweeteners – We all sometimes feel like our smoothies lack a little extra sweetness to them. While trading traditional deserts for a healthy alternative is a step in the right direction, artificial sweeteners won’t get you anywhere. Most people want to avoid sugar, so they turn to artificial sweeteners. Although many of them are advertised as “healthy”, they are far from healthy – they contain chemicals that can cause a mess in your digestive system. 

Fruit Juice – Most fruit juices we have on the market are sugar-sweetened. This means they’re not good for you, at all. Adding juices to your smoothie may seem logical, but since they’re often filled with sugar they cause the sugar levels in your blood to spike and this can lead to one thing only – cravings. So, if you’re on a diet, avoid them at all costs. And even if you aren’t, coconut water is a much healthier alternative. 

Tap Water – While many people avoid drinking tap water all together, some think adding a little bit of it into their smoothie, to make it less creamy, is not a big deal, but it is. Tap water contains dozens of harmful chemicals that can hurt your health big time. Stick to filtered or bottled water instead.

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