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smoothiemaker1It is a fact that more and more people are getting health conscious nowadays. There are a lot of foods and drinks available in the market that promises a healthier you but nothing can be compared to doing these healthy food and drinks at home. All you have to do is to get the freshest ingredients and invest in a dependable blender or food processor and voila! You can have all the freshest and healthy food and drinks at the comfort of your home, plus the fact that you are assured that they have been cleanly prepared. And oh yes, not to mention that you will be saving a lot with a homemade smoothie. So, if you are still in the process of contemplating whether to arm yourself with a blender or not, don’t think twice anymore. Get your own blender now and start getting healthy. One of the healthy drinks that are frequently prepared by health buffs is the smoothie. Although there are some that would argue that the preparation can be time consuming, but hey, who says that good food can always be served in an instant. Once you tried a smoothie drink, I swear, you would want to try it again and again such that you would not mind the prep time at all. You can prepare this drink together with your family and loved ones to make it a fun and meaningful bonding activity.

There is one helpful tip though. Make your smoothies in bulk, in this way you will be cutting off so much in time preparation and focus more on relaxing and enjoying with a good smoothie in your hand. If you happen to visit the market and find some veggies or fruits that you think can produce a good smoothie, then, go ahead, take them home. In this way you will be saving yourself from frequent trips to the market and buying small items from time to time. If you have purchased produce from the market, you can pack them by at least a week’s serving and keep the rest for the coming weeks. So that if you are craving for a smoothie anytime of the day, you can just get a pack of a pre-packed ingredient and drop them to your blender to make a nutritious and healthy drink instantly. But make sure you do not include ingredients that don’t mix well in a smoothie in your pack otherwise you will be getting a not so smooth smoothie. So, for starters, you should think of all the healthy fruit and vegetables that you can think of and gather them together. There is no definite rule in making a healthy drink except to remember the ingredients that don’t mix well in a smoothie. This is the time that you can let out your being creative – that is by mixing fruits, nuts, spices or herbs and all others except for ingredients that don’t mix well in a smoothie. Preserved fruits or canned vegetables must not be mixed in the smoothie.

Go for all fresh ingredients, because it is precisely your aim in making a smoothie blender. An all green smoothie is really the best for those that are weight conscious and for detoxifying purpose. Green smoothie is made from green leafy vegetable and some fruits and is protein rich which makes it suitable to those who aim in losing weight. If you decide to include a smoothie in your daily diet, you will eventually notice a marked weight lose minus the haggard look, of course. Smoothies can be prepared ahead of time and can be used even after a week or so, only if you have properly prepared them and you have not included ingredients that don’t mix well in a smoothie. These ingredients include fruits with too much seed in it because they cannot mix well in your blender. Of course, you can still have the seed if you prefer them but be sure to have them in powder form first so that it will not strain your blender and it can easily blend together with the rest of your ingredients. Hard fruits especially those that are not too ripe yet can be one of the ingredients that don’t mix well in a smoothie. Make sure to choose those that are soft and can be blended well in your blender. Your smoothie should at least contain vegetables and fruits to balance your daily diet requirement. If this is so, you will be spared from frequent cravings because the smoothie alone is already a complete meal. If you still prefer to make an all vegetable smoothie, you can do so, but you have to be ready with its bland taste because of its fibrous texture. The creaminess of the fruits more or less balances the overall taste of your smoothie and gives it some sweet taste, too.

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