The Health Benefits of Green Tea in Smoothies

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A lot of people are conscious about their food intake nowadays. As much as possible, they only want the healthy side of foods going into their body so most of them are vegetarians. Not to mention, even their drinks should be healthy and fat-free. But if you want to live the healthy lifestyle but still wants to enjoy what the world of food has to offer, you may try out the power of green tea as a drink or an inclusion to your favorite smoothie. This is of course guilt-free, healthy, and you won’t even feel the presence of the green tea flavor especially in smoothies and not to mention the healthy benefits of the green tea to your health and body. Not necessarily that you have to use green tea as the main ingredient for your smoothie, you can mix it to your favorite flavor in order for it to still taste delicious but healthy as well. Did you know that green tea has a LOT of health benefits since it is an antioxidant which fights certain diseases such as cancer and of course, very good for the heart. Aside from that, here are some more benefits of green tea:

  • It protects the liver.
  • Helps cure certain types of infections.
  • Fights common diseases such as flu.
  • Promotes fat loss especially those who are in a diet and wants to stay fit.
  • Improves endurance so you can accomplish the daily grinds of your life.
  • Helps lower blood pressure and regulates it.
  • Improves the sensitivity of insulin for diabetes patients.
  • As mentioned a while ago, it can help protect you in certain cancer diseases.
  • Helps build strong bones especially to those who are not getting any younger and;
  • Helps their memory stay sharp and at the same time protects them from certain age-related diseases such as memory gap.

For those who want the pure green tea as their base ingredient, it is better because you can really have the full and pure nutritional contents of the green tea especially if you are having those “powdered” green tea sachets which you can buy at supermarkets near you. You just need to induce it in boiling water and let the tea bag contents mix with the water. If the taste is too bitter for you, you may add a bit of honey in order to make the taste a bit sweeter. Adding honey does not change the health benefits of the green tea because honey is also a great ingredient that can help in a lot of diseases. Another way of tricking your smoothie is by making ice cubes made out of green tea and use it for your smoothies. In that way, you will clearly not notice the ingredient in your smoothie so it will look like you’re still enjoying a regular smoothie. For a Do-it-Yourself smoothie recipe, you may research the internet for common smoothie recipes and just include the green tea tricks for a healthier and delicious smoothie.

In making a smoothie, all you need is of course, a blender, any fruits that you have or yogurt, honey or even oatmeal. Just blend these ingredients together with your green tea until smooth and voila! You got yourself an instant smoothie made on your very own home. You may experiment on some ingredients to figure out what suits your taste in order for you to fully enjoy the smoothie that you’ll be making. The green tea is full of positive effects but as of now, there is only one negative or side effect of it. Based on research, some people who drink green tea tend to have insomnia because clearly, green tea bags that can be bought at supermarkets nowadays are made of caffeine. But there’s no need to be alarmed because the caffeine contents of green tea is way lower than coffee and it has health benefits in line with that so that is not a problem actually.

With the popularity of green tea spreading through the market whether in tea bags, cream, deodorants and even foods with mixtures of the ingredient in it, it is clearly a manifestation that this ingredient will be in-demand for a lot of consumers worldwide because of the health benefits that it can offer. Whether you’re young or old, sick or not, you really should try out the green tea because you never know, it can spare your life to the most dangerous diseases there is. So let your family, friends and everyone know the trend on green tea in order for them to start thinking of great things to do with the green tea specifically in terms of their diet. You should also encourage the little ones to have green tea in their food and drinks by of course, tricking them that there is no such ingredient in the food. Start living the healthy life so you will never have regrets in the near future!

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