The Health Benefits of Greek Yogurt In Smoothies

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greekyogurt1You might be a fan of yogurt but the fact that it contains a lot of sugar and carbohydrates makes you avoid taking it as much as you can. Well, the Greek yogurt Smoothie is nothing like the regular yogurt. It is thicker, creamier and less sweet as compared to the normal yogurt. Most importantly, it has a lot of health benefits. That is the main reason it is rapidly becoming popular among yogurt consumers. However, it is a little more expensive than the regular yogurt but worth the price. So how is Greek yogurt made? Greek yogurt is made by straining the liquid content in yogurt using a clean piece of cloth or a filter. The yogurt that remains on the filter is high in probiotics and proteins and less in sugar.

The Health Benefits of Greek Yogurt

  • Rich in protein

Greek yogurt has a lot of proteins than that of normal yogurt by double the amount. Taking enough proteins in a day is important in repairing and building the lean muscles in your body. Taking Greek yogurt smoothies just after your workout session or once a day can be a good way of living healthy.

  • Rich in probiotics

Probiotics are useful bacteria that are found in fermented foods such as sour milk. Greek yogurt has these bacteria that help in food digestion and boosting of body immunity. It is, therefore, great for people who have stomach problems such as the bloating stomach, indigestion, constipation or a running stomach.

  • Low in calories

One major advantage of taking Greek yogurt smoothies is that you will be substituting the regular yogurt that has a lot of calories due to its sugary nature. What’s more exciting is that you can add some berries or nuts to add flavour. It will allow you to regulate your calorie intake in a day to avoid gaining weight.

  • Perfect workout recovery food

If you regularly work out, then you know taking foods that are low in carbohydrates and fats helps you to keep fit. It is also advisable to take high protein foods just after working out to help repair your body muscles. Greek yogurt is, therefore, the best smoothie for you to incorporate into your diet plan. Just before you decide to switch your interests to Greek yogurt, keep in mind that not all variations of Greek yogurt are 100% healthy. Flavoured yogurt is high in fats. Go for the type that has no fat or low fat. If you find it hard to take the same yogurt now and again, you can sweeten it by adding drops of honey or cinnamon. You can also flavour your Greek yogurt with fruits such as bananas, berries and grapes.

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