Some Tasty and Healthy Smoothie Ingredients

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Everyone loves fruits because they are taste and they take good care of our immune system, hair, skin etc. Today there are more and more type of sweet fruits and lovely vegetable are helping for us to stay healthy all year. The new ingredients bring new options for combining, mixing them into a salad, cooked or baked goods or even to create wonderful juices. Especially the blended raw fruits and vegetables give the energy for the morning or anytime in the day, to stay fresh and awake to do your best. The combinations are countless and they are all taste excellent, here is a list of the best energetic, and super healthy ingredients, and combinations to make the morning drinks more delicious. You only have to choose any of these, or other fruits and vegetables and mix it with a smoothie blender, and that’s it, your energy bomb is ready!

Blueberries: The super berry is not only delicious but it is very powerful. It contains loads of vitamins (vitamin K, vitamin C), also has magnesium in it can help to prevent cancer and heart diseases as well. So mix that with any of you favourite other veggies or fruits and let the energy last for all day!

Apricot: Our favorite little small rounded ball contains a huge amount of potassium. The adequate intake of this fruit can help reduce blood pressure, decreased bone loss and kidney problems as containing also vitamin A, B1 B2, B6, C and folate.

Citrus fruits: The basis of all drinks, even a lemonade, is the lemon/lime or a grapefruit. These are the ones, who provides the needed vitamin C portions to defeat every kind of sickness that comes with the cold weather in the winter time. They also contain vitamin A, B, B2, B6 and folate.

Grapes: Grapes are incredibly good for you! The can lower the levels of cholesterol and are useful to treat bad blood pressure. While containing vitamin C and copper, it is a very delicious fruit which mostly can be found in every super market in all seasons.

Kale: We know that the darker green the veg is the healthier it is. This is also true for the kale as well. Some might be a bit frightened from the idea to but that into the smoothies and blend it together with other energy bombs, but its taste and its full of vitamins and minerals, like vitamin C, K, B6, it antioxidants and magnesium. So this one is worth a try to put in your favourite juice, because it has cholesterol lower benefits and helps to fight with high blood pressure.

Pomegranates: Once it has been just a very rare fruit to be found in the shops. We are very happy that it is now purchasable in almost everywhere because it is tasty and can be used as part of treatments or eating it to prevent. It is known for its rich vitamin B-5 (pantothenic acid), potassium, calcium, vitamin K, folate and manganese. These are miracle for obesity, its anti-oxidants has anti-tumor properties.

Spinach: Working out can produce more need for zinc and iron, to make sure we have enough energy every day, for this the spinach is an outstanding source of iron, zinc, vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin B2 and B6, also rich in copper, manganese, folate, calcium, potassium and the important vitamin C. It is highly recommended for women who wants to be or already are pregnant, because the spinach (mostly the folate in it) helps and responsible of the generation of healthy DNA, RNA.

Tomatoes: And yes, you can and you should put it into your smoothie. The amazing, delicious, vivid red fruits contain vitamin C, A and K, biotin, dietary fibre. Also excellent resource of potassium, folate, niacin and phosphorus. Helps to defeat lycopene and skin cancer as well.

Melon: Potassium and vitamin B rich, sweet summer fruit, that are perfect for your drink to combine it with different fruits and mix it with a smoothie blender. Very important omega-3 fat is found in melon and the cantaloupe’s seed are edible, which is great news for lazy people. But the reason we need this is the high water content, so it keeps us hydrated all day long, also has a low source of fat.

Strawberry: To give your smoothie a sweet twist, you might put some strawberry into it. In its season, it provides valuable omega-3 fatty acids, potassium, biotin, folate, iodine, dietary fibre and manganese. They are good for the eyes, it fights cancer and bad cholesterol, helps to prevent wrinkles and reduce inflammation. 

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