Non Dairy Milk Alternatives For Smoothies

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PlantMilkYou can get several non-dairy milk substitutes that can be nutritious and full of flavor for your smoothie. Using vegetable milk is far more recommended than animal milk. Milk made from rice, hemp seeds, soy, almonds, coconuts, and oats tends to be more delicious and nutritious as well.

Should you blend with the milk substitutes? Using commercially-developed almond, hemp, oat, rice or soy milk can help you enjoy the benefits of Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Calcium, and Vitamins. You can take a cup of fortified hemp milk and add to your green smoothie, then mix it using your smoothie blender. This can add a maximum of 40% of the calcium intake in a day. This will also contain some Omega-3 fatty acid content though it will depend on the brand that you are using. Almond and hemp milk are creamier and thicker, meaning that they will make you smoothie to be smoother and creamier. Other than the hemp and almond milk, you can try rice, coconut, and hemp yogurts. Using the plant-based milk will also help limit the calorie intake, which means that you will not gain any unwanted fats. Nonetheless, the calorie intake will depend on the amount of milk used.

What are the limitations of the plant-based milk? These milk are processed, meaning that they contain some sweeteners and other additives. A common additive used in these milk is the Carrageenan. This additive is used to thicken the milk, yet it has been studied that it could be harmful to the body. Luckily enough, not every plant-based milk will contain Carrageenan. For that, you are highly advised to check the fluid and ensure that it doesn’t contain the harmful content. The sweeteners can also be detrimental to the body, yet they are used in most of the plant-based milk. Some of them include allergens, especially nuts, and soy. These are common allergens for many people, so ensure that you watch out for the ingredients. The milk can also have high fat calorie content, which might end up depositing the unwanted fat in the body.

Common non-dairy substitutes for smoothies

• Almond milk. This one is made almonds, and it will make your smoothie slightly nutty. You can also use the smoothie blender to make your almond milk.

• Hemp milk. It is made from help seeds, and it is thicker and more nutritious than rice and soy milk. You can find it in different flavors, or can make one yourself at home.

• Rice milk. This is sweeter than other milk and it will have a crisper and lighter texture. You can add it to your smoothie, and it will contain a lot of carbohydrates and calories. If you work out a lot, then this is the best smoothie alternative for you.

• Soy milk. You can find different brands making soy milk, though you ought to be watchful for the possible side effects that it has.

• Oat milk. This one has an average flavor, and it tends to maintain the original taste and flavor of your smoothie. When finding the right non-dairy alternative to use for your smoothie, ensure that you are aware of the side effects and the content entailed.

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