Ninja NJ600 Blender Review. Best Blender Under $100? Find Out!

NinjaNj600ProBlenderWe are always on the look for the next greatest blender to be used for smoothie making. But its as important to give attention to the more economy style blenders that absolutely shine among their price range competition. Ninja NJ600 blender has recently caught our attention for multiple different reasons. Before we even get into the specifications and comparison of this blender, lets just take a minute to talk about the aesthetics of the Ninja NJ600 blender. Quickly walking past this blender at your appliance store without paying much attention to the price tag, one may think this is a $200-250 blender. button_check-current-ninja-nj600-price-discounts Very good looking blending jar that looks very similar to a high end Blendtec product. The controls are simple and not overloaded with buttons like most economy blenders. Somebody needs to let economy blender manufacturers know that putting 20 buttons on the base of their product, does not make it seem high end. Overall I’m impressed with the design of this blender, but lets do a more thorough Ninja NJ600 review.

The NJ600 uses a 1000-watt electric motor which is fairly standard for a blender this size. The blending pitcher is where this blender shines when matched to its competition. Its also something to keep in mind when considering the storage of this blender. This Ninja Blender comes with a very generous 72 ounce pitcher. Most full sized blenders tend to stick to a 64 ounces. Something to definitely keep in mind when considering storage for this blender, as it will not fit under majority of standard kitchen cabinets. The construction of the pitcher is your standard BPA-free plastic. There is one downside of the pitcher we’ve noticed from testing. It lacks an opening in the lid to add ingredients while you are blending, a feature most blenders this size should have.

The price point is where this blender really stands out. Remember how I mentioned the NJ600 blender looks and feels like a $200 blender? Well I was surprised to find that you can find them for sale for around $99. A 72-ounce blender with a 1000-watt motor for under $100? Impressive, considering the quality of other blenders manufacturers make for that price point. The closest blender in quality would be the Cuisinart CPB-100, which is just under $200. The Ninja brand of appliances may not be as known as say Vitamix or Blendtec, but it does not stop them from making some really good blenders that give its competition a run for their money. If you have around $100 to spend, and in need of a full sized blender with a large blending jar, definitely have the Ninja NJ600 blender on your list of possibilities.

The Bottom Line


  • Powerful motor has no problems crushing a jar full of ice.
  • A large 72 ounce, BPA free blending pitcher.


  • Loud.
  • Issue fitting under some kitchen cabinets due to its height.
  • Pitcher does not have an opening in the lid for adding of ingredients during blending.
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