Ninja Master Prep Review (QB900B)

ninjamasterprepCan Something So Cheap Be Good?

Ninja Master Prep is a pretty good and inexpensive way to get you into smoothie making or just blending in general. When I purchased the Ninja Master Prep I wasn’t expecting much for the price I paid, but you actually receive a lot of value. You can buy the Master Prep with either a 400/450 Watt “Power Pod”. Another option is the “Express Chop” which is a 200 Watt  Pod with a 16 oz chopper bowl. And the last is the “Professional” which comes with a 450 Watt Power Pod with 3 different sized chopper bowls. My favorite and best value is the 400 Watt QB900B. button_check-current-ninja-master-prep-price-discounts Amazon buyers agree, with 4.5 star average rating with over 5,400 reviews. People say they have ditched their more expensive blenders in exchange for this particular blender. So what does the Ninja Master Prep offer to get such a large and positive approval?

Features and Benefits

Motor: The heart of the system is the interchangeable 400 Watt Power Pod. The Pod itself sits on top of your chosen container and within seconds you are ready to start making some smoothies. The Power Pod won’t turn on unless the cap for the container and the pod itself are fully seated, which can help you avoid messes and accidental starts. Containers: With the QB900B package you will receive two different sized containers. You will receive a 48 oz (6 cups) pitcher which is great for general blending and making smoothies for multiple people at once. The other container is a 16 oz (2 cups) which I use to make single serving of smoothies for myself or chopping up smaller components used in cooking. Blades: You receive two sets of blades, they are unique to the container you use. The larger set of blades can only be used in the 48 oz container and vice versa. The blades are pretty sharp and don’t really have issues chopping up ice and frozen fruit for smoothies. I’ve had mine for over 2 years at this point and they haven’t dulled at all. There are 4 blades on each blade assembly and they can be separated into sets of 2 for easier cleaning.

Using the Ninja Master Prep

Alright lets say you want to make some delicious smoothies for your family. Grab the larger 48 oz container with the matching set of blades. This is important, before you put your ingredients into the container you must seat the blades into their position. Its really embarrassing if you fill the container with your ingredients only to find out you forgot your blades! Whoops, can’t say I haven’t done that. It’ll be almost impossible to get the blades to seat properly with the full container. When you’re ready to blend put the appropriate blending cap on top of your container, it only goes on one way so if you notice its not seating completely give it a few turns to seat it fully. Seat the Power Pod on top of the blending cap, the Power Pod also seats in one position, if the pod and the blending cap are not in proper positions the pod will not turn on. After everything is seated properly you can press on top of the Pod to turn it on, its advisable to blend in pulses to keep the motor from overheating.

Buy or Pass?

The Ninja Master Prep QB900B is an amazing value for just around $35. Sure it may not be as quiet or blend as smooth as the $300+ blenders but you get a lot more than what you pay for. I have had mine for over 2 years and I occasionally still use it just because its very convenient and easy to clean. often has great deals on this Ninja Master Prep.

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