Make a Blueberry Smoothie!

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Blueberries are good!Blueberries are some of the healthiest fruits you can put into your smoothies. Having one of the highest content of antioxidant content out of any fruit. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants that will aid in boosting your immune system to keep infections and colds away. Not only will it help keep your immune system happy, it helps to preserve vision, promote brain, heart and digestion health. Unlike most things that are healthy to consume, blueberries actually taste good whether used as an addition to cereal, oatmeal, and smoothies, or just grab a hand full and eat them plain! If you’re planning to use blueberries for your smoothie.

Freeze the berries overnight, and use them instead of adding ice to your smoothie to preserve the taste and keep the smoothie from getting watered down. Try adding bananas to your blueberry smoothies, the two work extremely well together. Want a really delicious combination? Combine blueberries, bananas, raspberries and plain yogurt, an excellent way to get your intake of nutrients in the morning. Taking care of your health suddenly becomes easier when you’re making delicious and nutritious smoothies for yourself! Stop wasting money by buying fast food smoothies that are packed with flavorings and sugar. Did you know those smoothies can have as many as 20 tea spoons of added sugar per cup? Yuck. Treat yourself to natural ingredients and your body and mind will thank you.

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