Immune System Boosters for Smoothies

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blendtec-tb-foursidesSmoothies are a great way to help you get your fruits, vegetables, vitamins, and protein for the day all in one place. Smoothies are great for a sit-down breakfast at home or an on-the-go balanced meal. The best part? Smoothies are easy for anyone to make at home. Simply use any blender of your choice, choose fresh or frozen ingredients, and blend them together until the mixture is smooth, or however you like your smoothie to be. You also can add a liquid such as milk, water, or fruit juice as well to help the blendability of your smoothie as far as it is concerned. We know that smoothies can be great for us when we use the right ingredients. Do you know which ingredients are good for you, and which ones aren’t? We do, and we’d like to share our list of immune-boosting smoothie making ingredients with you!

Add Yogurt Yogurt is an excellent addition to any immune boosting smoothie. It’s important to select yogurts with “live and active culture” that promote better digestion and improved disease-fighting white blood cells in the body. Also, yogurt has lots of protein and vitamins that will help your body to fight off infections. Yogurt can also be great to make your smoothie have a better, creamier consistency. We recommend, in particular, Greek yogurts with active cultures that promote blood health and digestion.

Add Chia Seeds Chia seeds are small seeds that contain omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, protein, fiber, and calcium. They also have a good amount of the B vitamins and Zinc. Chia seeds are chocked full of vitamins, antioxidants, and more. With the cocktail of good things in chia seeds, they are an excellent, easy addition to any smoothie, anytime. Chia seeds work to boost your immune system with high amounts of zinc and calcium.

Add Honey Honey is a fantastic, healthy substitute for sugar in any recipe. But did you know that honey also has great healing properties? Honey has historically been used in medicine for thousands of years, as the substance is naturally anti-bacterial. Honey is great to sooth sore throats as well. Adding honey to your smoothie is easy, you can add a tablespoon of organic honey and mix it in or re-blend the mixture instead of stirring by hand.

Add Ginger  Ginger can add a nice pop’ of flavor to your smoothie with a simple blend. Ginger is known for soothing sore throats, improving respiratory infections, and lowering fevers. Ginger also stimulates blood circulation in the body and improves the amount of oxygen in your blood as well. Ginger can be diced and added to any smoothie of your choice. It also pairs well with sweet components, such as fruit, berries, honey, and even spinach.

Add Spinach Speaking of spinach, go green by adding some to your smoothie. Spinach is a green with a gentle, subtle flavor that can easily be combined with almost any set of ingredients. Did you know that spinach is just as rich in vitamin C as an orange? Not only that, but is has lower sugar, and spinach has lots of vitamin A to help keep you healthy.

Add Papaya  Papaya is loaded with vitamin C, which promotes immune system function in the body. 224% of your daily vitamin C can be found in a single papaya fruit. 

 What You Shouldn’t Add to Your Smoothie

  • Nutella- Opt for cocoa instead
  • Processed Sugars or Sweeteners- Opt for agave or honey instead
  • Artificial Dyes and Other Products

  When creating a good smoothie, experiment by combining complementary flavors that go well together. Incorporate one or more of the ingredients on our immune boosting ingredient list as well to help you keep the flu and other diseases at bay, especially during the coming winter months. Smoothies are great for busy individuals, and may help you to get a more balanced breakfast, lunch, or dinner every day. Pair your smoothie with a soup or salad for a great lunch or dinner combo.

  Here are a few combinations we recommend Chia seeds + Honey + Yogurt + Spinach + Berries of Your Choice = Antioxidant Superhero Smoothie Honey + Ginger + Papaya + Guava + Pineapple + Milk or Milk Substitute (Coconut works perfectly) = Island Smoothie Honey + Spinach + Avocado + Carrot or Other Vegetable Juice = Green Machine Smoothie  

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