How To Make Non Dairy Smoothies

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According to medical experts, smoothies are a very good way of adding fruits and vegetables to your diet and especially for those planning on cutting down their weight. Most of these smoothies are made using some amount of dairy contents in order to make their texture as smooth as possible. Some of the common dairy products used include the likes of yogurt or even plain milk. This has however been a barrier for some not to take smoothies and especially those who do not take dairy products. There are those who do not simply like dairy products while some do not take them for health reasons. It is very rare for one to come across a non dairy smoothie in the shop. All in all, you can simply make your own non dairy smoothie from the comfort of your home. The only secret to making a non dairy smoothie is that you have to remove all the dairy products form the recipe and add the amounts of fruits and other liquids to the concoction in order to make sure that the smoothie still has its soft texture.

There are several kinds of non dairy smoothies that one can choose from. Among them is the strawberry kiwi smoothie which is in the category of the ‘fruit smoothie’. In the case of the strawberry kiwi smoothie, you can replace the plain or frozen yogurt with a soy-based kind of yogurt. The soy based yogurt has absolutely no dairy contents in it; it is made up of strictly soy which is quite rich in proteins. All you need to do is get about 1 cup of the frozen soy-based yogurt, 1 cup of pure and natural orange juice, three neatly peeled kiwis, 5 normal sized ice cubes and last but not least, 1 full cup of strawberries. Once you blend all these ingredients you will come up with a very tasty, smooth and above all, non dairy kind of smoothie. Alternatively, one can also go for the strictly fruit smoothie recipe. This is where you use no soy-based yogurt or any other kind of yogurt alternative; you use fruits and fruits only!

The use of fruits only to make your smoothie is quite effective since it tends to make the smoothie even sweeter and more effective in terms of the nutrition value it gives the body. A very good example of dairy-free just fruit smoothie is the orange smoothie. With a couple of frozen banana slices, a cup of fresh strawberries and another cup-full of pure fresh and natural orange juice, you can come up with one of the sweetest just fruit smoothies ever! For more variety, you can use other fruits in place of the strawberries such as peaches or even blueberries. The frozen banana slices will give the smoothie the same soft texture that the yogurt would have given it. If you are more of the ‘go green’ type, then the green non dairy smoothie is the thing for you. This is where you get to substitute green ingredients such as rice or almond for the yogurt. You can use the same recipe but instead of the yogurt, use some almonds and some honey for the taste. 

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