How to Create a Protein Smoothie for Bodybuilders

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If at all you are very serious in building your body and sculpting it into a huge mass of muscles, then taking of proteins is definitely a must. Today, there are several protein smoothies on offer at the market from which people tend to drink as alternatives for proteins. Yes, they might be effective, but for how long do you plan on keeping up with the unappealing taste? In fact, there have been several cases of people changing from the use of protein shakes simply due to their tastes. According to the instructions on these protein shakes, a dieter is supposed to take the shake at least three or even two times in a day. This makes it a real chore keeping up with the drink for all that time. If you are in such a situation, then there is still hope for you through the home-made protein smoothies. There is a way of coming up with mouth watering nutritious protein delights that you will actually enjoy taking!

All you need in this case is some creativity and a blender to come up with your effective homemade protein smoothie. There are two things that you are looking for from the protein smoothie; taste and effectivity. This means that your ingredients should not only be rich in proteins but also relatively sweet. There is no need of using a whole chunk of ice-cream plus chocolate sauce in order to make the smoothie sweet; there are more healthy ways of doing this. The very first thing you should keep in mind when choosing the ingredients for your protein smoothie is that all the ingredients should be as natural as possible. Avoid using any artificial ingredients. Take for example peanut butter; you should use natural peanut butter instead of the ordinary peanut butter. The natural kind of peanut butter will provide your body with various healthy nutrients such as its fatty contents. Fruits are also quite necessary; not only for the protein smoothie but for all kinds of smoothies. Fruits are a very rich source of carbohydrates from which your body derives fuel to take them through your daily workout routines.

On the other hand, they will provide you with natural sweeteners that are more effective than the artificial sweeteners. This is through the complex sugars present in fruits. On the other hand 90% of your ingredients should be rich in proteins. Nuts are a very good source of proteins although they are too thick to make up a smoothie on their own. You need to look for a smooth source such as raw eggs. If you do not want to take raw eggs, there are egg whites sold at the shops. You can also add on some whey powder to increase the nutrition value of the smoothie. Also look for liquids that will give your smooth a smooth texture. Water, natural fruit juices or fat-free milk should make very good alternatives. Mix all these ingredients properly and you will come up with the proper kind of protein smoothie. However, use the right quantities of everything. Do not over-use one ingredient since this will ruin the entire concoction.

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