How to Blend Like A Professional. Smoothie Tips!

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Even though the summer smoothie season has passed, its never too late to prepare for the next one by sharpening your smoothie maker skills! We will quickly review some older techniques we have mentioned before, and introduce some new ones. So lets fire up those blenders one last time before putting them away for the winter.

WHEN TO ADD ICE? – Don’t forget to always add ice last. This is by far the biggest rookie mistake when it comes to making smoothies. I see this way too often, loading up blender 3/4 full of ice and adding all ingredients on top. Makes me cringe, the outcome is a super watered down smoothie. Finding a proper balance ratio for smoothies takes trial and error, its almost always to put less than more.

FREEZE YOUR FRUIT – Not enough people do this! Frozen fruit in smoothies tastes amazing. Brings out extra coldness and frothiness. One of major benefits is that you get to use less ice in your smoothies which avoids watering down of the drink.

ORDER – If you’re an average smoothie maker, you probably put all your ingredients into the blending jar at once and blend. Its OK, almost everyone makes this mistake. A good procedure is liquids, frozen fruit, special additions such as powders, ice and fresh fruit always being last. Don’t forget to blend in stages. Don’t stack all ingredients, after addition of each new ingredients don’t forget to blend.

DAIRY – Most smoothies made by beginners really lack creaminess. Most wonder why they can’t get that consistency of popular smoothie locations. Dairy is the reason! When adding milk, yogurt or ice cream you get that extra creaminess in your smoothies, which takes its taste to whole other level.

TASTY CUBES – A nice touch is to freeze your favorite juice in the ice cube makers. You can add delicious flavors and unique textures to your smoothies this way. And you avoid watering down your smoothie creation at the same time.

NATURAL SUGARS – Try to avoid adding regular sugars into smoothies. Fruits and juicers have good amount of natural sweetness. Adding agave syrup and maple syrups is acceptable form of making your smoothies sweeter. If you still feel there is not enough sweetness some high sugar ingredients include bananas, pomegranate juice and pears. UNIQUE FLAVORS – Use exotic fruits and flavors to spice up your smoothies. Look outside the strawberry and banana smoothie box. Experiment experiment experiment! Try kiwis, papayas, blackberries, watermelon, pineapples and more to get that exotic taste in your smoothies.

OLD FRUIT – Pretty self explanatory. If you wouldn’t eat the fruit don’t use it in the smoothies. Put a old spoiled piece of fruit in a smoothie blender and it will most likely give the entire smoothie a pungent taste.

PROBIOTICS – For additional health benefits use plain probiotic yogurts. I found that using flavored yogurts does not work well in smoothies, so just stick with plain old vanilla.

HEALTHY IN THE HIDING – If you have picky kids who just refuse to eat their greens. A smoothie is a great way for them to get their dose of vitamins and nutrients found in leafy greens. A properly made green smoothie is delicious and they will never suspect they are getting their dose of goodness! They will even ask for more.

BLENDER QUALITY – To most a blender is a blender. Which couldn’t be further from the truth. A well constructed blender will extract flavors out of your ingredients without leaving chunks. You can make two identical ingredient smoothies, one using a high end blender such as the Vitamix CIA and one with your average generic blender. You will actually be able to tell which drink was made with which blender. You can view a quick overview of top blenders on the market today. 

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