How to Avoid Bitter Taste of Banana

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Banana smoothies are known to be one of the healthiest kinds of smoothies today. With all the potassium and fiber that one can derive from such a smoothie, then a banana smoothie is definitely worth a try. However, they are not as popular as you would have expected them to be. Most people tend to avoid taking banana smoothies due to their bitter taste. It is said that the banana smoothies have a certain sharp bitter taste that is not appealing to most smoothie consumers. However, the problem is not the banana. The problem is the process that one follows when making the smoothie. There are various steps that can help you get rid of the bitter tastes and enjoy your banana smoothie to the fullest. There are a number of things however that you will need in order to make this possible.

First and foremost, apart from the bananas, you will also need some other tasty fruits that will compliment the taste. Look for tasty fruits that are relatively juicy. This might include some small amounts of strawberries, raspberries or even some natural apple juice. You will also need some plain yogurt and one tablespoon of natural peanut butter. It is important to keep every ingredient as natural as possible in order to avoid consuming any harmful chemicals. Last but not least, you will need a paper bag. The first step should be to make sure that all the bananas you are using are in the right condition. Make sure that they do not have any sort of blemish. Get rid of all the fibrous membrane that is left after pealing the cover. On the other hand, they should be overripe. This is because bananas are sweetest when overripe. This will make sure that there will not be any bitter taste to the smoothie. The blend of overripe bananas plus the other juicy fruits will obviously result into a nice tasty smoothie.

Just incase the bananas are not overripe, it is up to you to speed up the process. In order to ripen them, place them in the paper bag for a while. In order to speed it up even more, add some unripe bananas to the paper bag. This will help the bananas ripen as expected in a very short time. Once the bananas are perfectly overripe, the only thing remaining is to prepare the smoothie. Add the other fruits. This includes the raspberries, strawberries, some apple juice and some orange juice. The juices will not only aid with the taste but also with the texture. Banana smoothies are know to be quite thick and thus, with the juices, the texture will be slightly smoother than it would be without them. All in all, make sure that they are all natural juices. Do not forget to add the spoon of peanut butter. Peanut butter is the best in this case since its taste blends well with the banana taste. Blend the mixture properly and you will have the perfect banana smoothie!

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