How Spirulina Can Boost Your Health

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spirulinaBoost up your day with the healthy low-fat smoothie for breakfast or afternoon snack. It is best option to get healthier body and lifestyle as well. Low-fat smoothie contains low calorie and broadly nutritionally sound, loaded with antioxidants, calcium, and fiber. A vegetable diet with plenty of variety is one of the best ways to be ultimately healthy and strong. Of course, many people do not get enough vegetables in their diet and lack vital nutrients that will help them get the necessary vitamins and minerals for complete all-around health. Spirulina is an excellent addition to a healthy vegetable based diet, and can be the substitute you need for getting vitamins.

This alga was also consumed by Mayans and Aztecs to promote all around complete body health and energy. Spirulina is a blue-green alga that comes in some forms. Some people eat it in the freshest form of the algae, but it comes in a pill form as well as powder. Many food products contain this alga already. There are chips and even protein powders that contain the algae and all of the nutrients it contains. There are special well-flavored protein powders that contain hearty amounts of the algae. Adding it to your diet daily can give you a skin boost and an internal health boost too. Getting plenty of it is important, though. If you only consume it sporadically then it doesn’t have time to benefit you. However, drinking it in a protein smoothie can be comparable to drinking a multi-vitamin. Spirulina powder has a good amount of vitamins that are easily absorbed into the body. 3 grams of the algae provides the nutritional benefits of two servings of vegetables. That means that in 3 grams, easily added to a smoothie; you can get all of the nutrition of two servings of leafy greens.

Spirulina is also a very rare plant source of b-12 and easily absorb-able iron. On top of all of that, 60% of the protein in the algae is absorbed into the body, compared to much less for meat products. To top things off, this magical alga is also packed with omega fatty acids known as GLA. This alga is a miracle food and can provide 20 times more protein per acre than soybeans, and a whopping 200 times more protein than beef.

It is amazing how a small and easy to grow algae can pack so much nutrition. You can also easily digest them, unlike trying to digest more complex foods. Spirulina is very low in calories. Not only do you get an amazing about of vitamins, minerals, and proteins, but also a low-fat low-calorie power food. A 500mg tablet of the algae contains only two calories maximum. If you are looking for a faster health boost or long term health add spirulina to smoothie using a smoothie machine, then this beautiful alga can be the answer you are looking for it. It makes a superior addition to a diet, especially if you are unable to eat vegetables often. Since this has everything you need, consuming it once daily will certainly provide your body with everything it needs to thrive and be healthy.  

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