Health Benefits of Adding Kale to Smoothies

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kaleSmoothies are amazing and extremely healthy especially if you are bent on shedding off some weight. They are also easy to make hence function more like ready-made healthy snacks. Most people however limit their choice of smoothie ingredients to fruits. Green smoothies also come loaded with health benefits. When talking of green smoothies, kale is the number one superfood. Kale can as well be added to other fruit smoothies.

Below are reasons why adding kale to your smoothie is beneficial

Kale has low calories and lots of nutrients

If you are looking for a way to feed your body many nutrients with less calories, eat kale. If for example you are taking a pure fruit smoothie, you will obviously get lots of vitamins. Add kale to it so as to maximize on the nutrients. Some of these valuable nutrients include omega 3 fatty acids, beta carotene, anti-oxidants and vitamin k. The low calories in kale are effective for weight loss.

Good for boosting the immune system 

This can be attributed to the numerous nutrients it has. A balance of healthy nutrients makes your immune system stronger. Vegetarians who keep on wondering where to get their iron from should add kale to their smoothie. This is because kale has a lot of iron compared to red meat. The fact that it’s loaded with iron also makes it good for fighting anemia.

Contains anti-cancer compounds

Adding kale to your smoothie is the best way to fight cancer naturally. Kale contains compounds such as sulforaphane and indole-3 –carbinol which help inhibit the growth of cancer cells. These substances have been found to effectively work against the growth of cancer cells. The ability of kale to fight cancer also comes by its virtue of being a cruciferous vegetable.

It is loaded with beta carotene- good for the eyes

Kale has very high levels of beta carotene, a nutrient which can be transformed by the body into vitamin A. as you grow old, your eyes suffer the normal optical damages associated with old age. If you have been continuously adding kale to your smoothies, your eyes will still be strong and clear no matter your age. Vitamin A also ensures that the vitamins required to maintain a healthy retina are kept there.

Gives you a healthy and well-nourished skin

The appearance of your skin matters so much since it is what the world sees of you. The healthy omega 3 and 6 fatty acids available in kale gives it the power to nourish your skin. This is more beneficial to people battling skin problems like acne. Simply add a little kale to your smoothie and have a glowing skin.

Rich in potassium – prevents heart disease and high blood pressure

Kale has all the nutrients necessary for maintaining a healthy heart. These include potassium, fiber and vitamins(C and B6). Potassium in particular is valued for lowering blood pressure and reducing risk of people dying from stroke. The best, easiest and healthiest way to include kale in your diet is to add it to your smoothie.

Conclusion  It is really not necessary that you cook kales, over cooking will interfere with its nutritional value. Instead consume it raw with all the nutrients intact by adding it to your smoothie. Just make sure your kales are fresh and properly washed. 

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