Green Smoothies: New Health Formula!

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Spinach SmoothieIf your body is in need of a complete detoxification, or you want to enjoy in an energy boost that will help in improving your health condition in general – then a green smoothie is the right choice for you. Nowadays we constantly hear stories about the benefits of this health-bomb, and it is surely a justified reputation, since every ingredient that makes a green smoothie contains a whole range of vitamins. Interested? Imagine that you put in your blender all the leafy vegetables you have in your fridge, mix it up, and the beautiful, green drink fills your glass. Well, this magic potion that you get is a green smoothie. It is basically a drink made of pureed vegetables (or fruits, it’s optional) and anything that can be mixed and makes a tasteful snack. You can be creative: for a green smoothie all you need is a blender, vegetables, and some liquid base. Of course, you can always experiment with nice, decorative toppings.

Everything that you maybe find difficult to eat, you can put in a blender: kale, spinach, chard; and for a dose of minty freshness, you can add parsley or mint. Some people even recommend natural sweeteners, in case that your smoothie is a little bit too green and bitter. For example, you can add bananas, or pears, apples, any sweet fruit that would make this intense elixir even more delicious. Not only green smoothies are easy to make and tasteful, but they’re also as much healthy. This is probably the best fast food that you can get: vegetables in a glass! These nutritious smoothies can have many positive effects on your health: -Green smoothies can help you lose weight, since the vegetables enable your body to burn the fat faster, and get rid of the excess water. -They are also excellent for the brain. Therefore, your mental health is under control, because by drinking green smoothies you get to clear your mind, unlike junk food which can just make your brain cells slower. -The risk of some serious diseases is lessened. By increasing the amount of vegetables and fruits, you automatically lower the chance of getting heart diseases or cancer. -Not to mention what a smoothie can do with your immune system! Forget about the colds, or a flu, the green smoothie protects you, especially when the winter comes. -Smoothies are really easy to digest. This is one of the most important advantages. Since the leafy vegetables are blended, it is effortless for your body to absorb all the nutritive fibers. -For beautiful and glowing skin, it is advisable to level up the vegetable intake. So, green smoothie is very helpful when it comes to beauty: it improves the skin, the teeth, it reduces the wrinkles and acne. There are many benefits of this perfect mix of healthy ingredients, and exactly this is the reason why smoothies are so popular today. In the twenty first century, when we often don’t have the time to think about the proper nutrition, green smoothies come as a fresh idea for a healthy meal.

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