Five Common Beginner Mistakes When Making Smoothies

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SmoothieIf you’ve already purchased your new smoothie blender, and have attempted to create your own smoothies, you probably realized that buying one is just half the battle. Smoothie making is an art with many secrets that most don’t realize exist. Its not uncommon for a person to buy smoothie blender and instantly throw some fruits, ice and expect a delicious smoothie, oh boy do they get surprised by the outcome. When creating a smoothie most will follow a recipe, but there are more fundamental ideas in smoothie creation that need to be followed to make your smoothies like a professional. And lets kick off the

Five Common Beginner Mistakes!

#1 Beginners tend to put too much ice into their blender before they have even blended rest of the ingredients. When you do this you run the chance of making your smoothie too watery at the end. You should always have your ingredients blended and ice needs to go in last. This way its easier to tell just how much ice is actually needed for the amount of ingredients in blended form.

#2 If you are one of the people putting all your ingredients into the blender jar and blending at same time, STOP! Your smoothie needs to be created in stages. The general rule is that first thing to be blended is liquids, followed by frozen fruit, ice then any dairy and the very last thing to be blended is fresh fruit.

#3 Regular ice is not a requirement when making smoothies. Don’t be afraid to do something different. You can add delicious flavors and frothy texture to your smoothies by using cubes of your favorite frozen juice. Pour some of your favorite juice into ice tray and let it sit overnight. I can guarantee your smoothie will taste so much better than it could have with regular ice.

#4 Adding dairy can make a huge difference in the taste of your smoothies. You can use milk, yogurt and ice-cream to add extra creaminess that most smoothies made at home lack.

#5 Don’t be afraid of using store bought frozen fruit bags. Frozen fruit creates better tasting smoothies for some odd reason. And lucky for you, frozen fruit is  a lot cheaper than its fresh counterpart. Not only is the flavor better, the frozen fruit helps to bring down the temperature of the smoothie to a even more enjoyable level. There are many more tips, and with the 5 I’ve shared with you we barely scratched the surface. Maybe ill write part two sometime in the future. After reading these tips, make the smoothie you usually create and notice how the taste is affected.  

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