Chia Seeds and 8 Benefits of Adding Them to Food/Drinks

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ChiaSeedsChia seeds are derived from a species of flowering plant that belongs to the mint family Lamiaceae. When added to the food or a green smoothie, they bring to the fore a number of health benefits as comprehensively outlined below.

1. Helps Combat Diabetes According to research, Chia seeds can potentially treat type-2 diabetes primarily due to their ability to slow down digestion. The gelatinous coating of the seeds can also help keep sugar spikes at bay particularly when exposed to the sun.

2. Replenishes Your Diet With Fiber Content Just adding a single ounce of Chia to you smoothie enhances the dietary fiber content by an incredible 11 grams. This is about a third of the recommended daily dietary fiber intake for adults. Dietary fiber plays an important role in improving digestive health.

3. High Omega 3 Content Chia seeds boasts a wealth of omega-3 fatty acids, with one-ounce serving containing as much as five grams of the fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are imperative for brain health. As a matter of fact, there is a better conversion of chia seed’s omega 3s into the plasma or food than there is with flax seed according to research.

4. Helps Improve Bones and Oral Health A single serving of chia seeds contains 18% of the recommended daily intake of calcium. Adding the seeds into your diet therefore not only enhances your oral and bone health but also helps reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

5. High Manganese Content Manganese has been touted as one of the most important minerals for human health. Chia seeds contain 28 grams of manganese which is equivalent to 30% of the recommended daily intake of the mineral. Manganese is good for your bone health and also helps the body use essential nutrients such as thiamin and biotin.

6. Helps Stabilize Blood Sugar If you want to stabilize your blood sugar levels, you may consider adding an ounce of chia seeds to your smoothie or food. The seeds are excellent in not only normalizing your blood sugar but also fighting the resistance of insulin that is related to an increase in belly fat. Insulin resistance can have a negative effect on your overall well-being.

7. Helps in Weight Loss Chia seeds contain an important amino acid known as Tryptophan, also found in Turkey. While tryptophan is associated with a strong urge to sleep, it is also known to regulate appetite and reduce cravings, two essential factors when it comes to weight loss. The amino acid is also known to enhance the mood.

8. Improves Blood Pressure Chia seeds have the ability to improve blood pressure in people diagnosed with diabetes. The seeds may also increase the level of healthy cholesterol while lowering LDL and triglyceride, thereby improving the overall health of the heart.With so many benefits, it is not surprising to see that chia seeds have been classified under the category of super foods. Chia seeds are easy to add to your diet or smoothie not to mention that they are readily available in most grocery stores as well. Make chia seeds part of your diet as often as you can, after all, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

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