Camu Camu – The King of Vitamin C

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A type of wild bush that grows along the blackwater rivers, especially in abandoned estuaries, an ecosystem of a significant importance to the Amazon rainforests in Peru, Brazil, Colombia, and Venezuela, is called Myrciaria dubia, also known as Camu camu. Along with strong phytochemicals, it has almost unbelievable benefits when it comes to health, stress or aging. Camu camu fruit is about 2 cm wide and has a purple shaded red skin with a yellow pulp. It is an antioxidant acting anti-inflammatory and emollient. The fruits are dried into a powder that is consumed by adding it to food or mixing with a liquid. Camu camu was unknown until 1957 when the Peruvian Ministry of Health published the first professional analysis. This analysis, as well as those that followed, determined the properties of Camu camu, which is now known worldwide.

Positive effects Camu camu’s benefits include improving immune functions, it is recommended for better absorption of iron, prevention and alleviation of symptoms such as flu and cold, and helps in removal of all viral infections (including herpes). It accelerates the wound healing process, regeneration of connective tissue and reduces the frequency and intensity of a migraine. As the immune functions are improved, it automatically increases the body’s resistance to fight viral and bacterial infections. Taking this fruit can act as a natural anti-depressant, it can have effects in the prevention of cataracts, skin regeneration, can act antiviral and improve brain function. Although it looks like a big berries or plums, the taste is reminiscent of hibiscus and blueberry, and it is almost never consumed fresh because it has the extremely sour taste. The fresh form of this fruit is only used by local residents of Peru and Brazil, but in most cases, it is dried and ground to powder.

Camu camu and Vitamin C In terms of Vitamin C, Camu camu fresh fruit contains 40 percent of it more than lemons and up to 65 percent more than fresh oranges. Dried powder provides up to 700 percent more than the orange, it’s highly concentrated and remarkably effective. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant and destroys the free radicals that cause disease and accelerate aging. It is known that Vitamin C in its natural form has a much better effect on the human body as compared to vitamin C produced synthetically. The daily requirement of a respected vitamin in humans vary and depend on a large number of different factors (amount may be increased in the case of stress, injury, intense preoccupation with the sport, during the illness and after recovery, as with smoking). For people who have problems with the lack of iron, this vitamin can significantly help its absorption from food into the bloodstream. The human body cannot produce vitamin C by itself, so it is important to provide quality nutrients. Due to intensive farming and chemicals that are used in farming, our diets contain less vitamin C, therefore consuming plants that have a high content of these nutrients is highly recommendable. In addition to the high percentage of a vitamin C, this fruit is an important source of beta-carotene, riboflavin, thiamin and other nutrients important for the human body. Only the synergy of all these natural substances can have a strong positive impact on human health. As a dietary supplement you can get it in the form of extract, and in order to be tasteful along with excellent nutritional value, the Camu camu powder is often mixed into a smoothie or fruit drinks.

Adding the Camu camu powder into your everyday routine Camu camu recipes are easy to find and make. Besides adding the powder to your smoothies with banana and other delicious fruit, you can also make Camu camu yogurt along with some other superfruit you find convenient. If you’re, for example, into baking and want to improve the texture and nutrient properties of your bread, you can mix it with the flour before baking. If you want to make Camu camu cider, just make sure you don’t overheat it, because it can lose some of its great nutrient benefits. You can also try adding it to sauces, as they dissolve the powder better than a liquid. With Camu camu powder you can do almost anything, and when you think about all the healing powers it has, including it into everyday routine becomes a real pleasure. 

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