Benefits of Adding Cacao into Smoothies

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cacaoAdding cacao to smoothies has many benefits because unlike cocoa, it hasn’t gone through so much processing or heating, meaning that most of its natural ingredients are intact when you consume it. The Incas people called it the drink of the gods perhaps owing to its health benefits that surpass other foods: Cacao is the single richest source of magnesium, an important mineral that many people seem to lack. It improves movement of food through the gut and helps relax the cardiovascular system. It contains a large number of antioxidants which are clinically proven to inhibit free radicals that are usually the cause of cell damage. These compounds also dissolve plaque, a harmful element that blocks arteries and increase the risk of heart disease. Cacao contains a unique blend of ingredients which are known to increase longevity in human beings.

The longest living documented humans have told tales of drinking and eating cacao regularly. Raw chocolate or cacao as we know it has ability to prevent cavities thanks to theobromine, an ingredient well known for its ability to kill bacteria that cause tooth decay. The flavonoids in cacao have been seen to reduce the incidences of pancreatic and breast cancer. Further studies indicated that besides cancer prevention, cacao may also help patients respond better to treatment. If you are in a bad mood, try adding some cacao in your smoothie to benefit from anandamide, the bliss molecule. It also contains phenethylamine, another relaxing compound that prompts release of pleasurable neurochemicals like the ones we release during sexual activity.

Cacao is helpful in times of stress by boosting serotonin levels to restore feelings of wellbeing. Studies show that you can ditch your daily dose of aspirin and replace it with a serving of cacao. This is because of its blood thinning properties which enable it to prevent blood clots. Adding cacao to your smoothie machine can help with your weight loss efforts as it contains appetite inhibitors. By eating less food, your body will resort to stored fats which translate to reduced weight. Cacao is a great source of sulfur, an important ingredient to people seeking shiny hair, strong nails or healthy liver.  Glowing skin is often elusive especially in hot weather but cacao makes it possible to stay out longer in the sun without suffering sunburns. Nutrition journals show that people who drink cacao with their smoothies have better skin texture, improved hydration as well as micro circulation.

German scientists have also discovered that cacao protects against cancer causing UV rays. Cacao prevent cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s y improving blood flow to the brain. According to a Harvard study, cacao contains compounds that help improve people’s memory.  Cacao, raw chocolate, or whatever you decide to call it is without a doubt the king of superfoods. It contains an array of nutrients that are hard to find in other foods making it a wise choice for people who prefer healthy living. Next time you fancy some chocolate don’t choose ordinary bars but instead reach for cacao, which will certainly delight your body with immense health benefits.

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