Adding Vegetables To Fruit Smoothies

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Most of the weight loss diet meals available in the market today are not as tasty as many would prefer them to be. This is in fact one of the main reasons why dieters have ended up giving up on their weight loss endeavors. However, smoothies bring a whole new aspect to the weight loss table. They provide dieters with an effective weight loss diet yet one that is extra sweet. There are two popular kinds of smoothies; the fruit smoothie and the vegetable smoothie. Both are very beneficial to the body. However, there is a way through which you can come up with a fruit-vegetable smoothie for even better results. This is by simply adding on vegetables to the fruit smoothie. This leaves with a complete blend of healthy, tasty and nutritious diets that are simply to die for. So, how exactly does one go about preparing the fruit and vegetable smoothie? In order to keep the smoothie extra fresh, it is advisable to prepare it on a daily basis. You will need three servings of vegetables and three servings of fruits in order to get a perfect blend.

Normally, this will give you a 32-ounce pitcher which is enough to be taken for both breakfast and lunch depending on how you schedule your meals. Just like any other kind of smoothie, there are no specific rules on how to make this kind of smoothie. You can use any kind of vegetable or fruit you land your hands on so long as they add nutritious value to the smoothie. The very first item on the vegetable and fruits smoothie recipe should be water. In this case, you can use about 1 cup of water in order to avoid it being too dilute. As stated earlier, use three servings of fruits and three servings of vegetables. This means, three different kinds of vegetables and three different kinds of fruits. The most common kinds of vegetables used in smoothies are carrots (1 carrot), spinach (3 handfuls) and vine tomatoes (2 small tomatoes). As for the fruits, look for something tasty and extra juicy. Preferably use a whole orange and some strawberries or pineapple depending on your flavor. As for the base, you can choose between a mango, apple or even a pear.

Avocados are also quite advisable for a smoothie since they give it that smooth and creamy texture. In addition to this, the avocado also adds on to the calories with its healthy natural fatty content. These ingredients are enough for a fruits and vegetable smoothie. The next step is to mix the ingredients. One should start by mixing all the ingredients apart from the greens. Make sure that the fruits are all blended properly to make up a very creamy concoction. The greens can be added once the fruits are properly mixed. Finish off by blending the entire concoction. Make sure that everything has been properly mixed and ground to form a soft smoothie. Particles tend to make the smoothie very uncomfortable to drink. You can add on some protein powder or some ground flax in order to make the smoothie even more nutritious. 

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