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Making Your Own Smoothies Can Be A Great Start To A Healthier Life!

Our modern society has moved away from healthy and nutritious meals in exchange for cheap, fast and convenient fast food. Unfortunately that results in anything from increasing waist lines to vitamin deficiencies. Beauty of smoothies is they are incredibly quick to make, and you have full control over the ingredients.

You could have a completely different drink every single day of the week. Maybe you’re feeling a banana, blueberry and spinach one day and maybe a traditional strawberry and banana the next. You are able to tailor the ingredients for the benefits you seek. Maybe its flu season and you want to start boosting your immune system or you just need a little extra energy. Making your own smoothies at home might just be the easiest get healthy plan to keep, try it out!

Our Favorite Smoothie Makers

Selecting that perfect blender can often be a real chore. There are hundreds of different types of blenders that all scream about being number one. I have tested out most and here are my favorites.

Vitamix CIA BlenderVitamix Professional Series 97/100

There is absolutely no doubt that Vitamix is the king of blenders. If you want the best smoothie maker on the market in 2015 look no further and get yourself one of these bad boys. The brand is trusted by all chefs because unlike majority of brands, Vitamix prides itself in making product that caters to the professionals. They take a lot of feedback to make their products stand out from the rest.

The reason Vitamix really shines for smoothie making is the ability to create incredible smooth consistency out of your choice of ingredients. You could actually taste the difference in drinks made by Vitamix vs a competitor even if identical ingredients and exactly same blend times are used. Click through to read more information about this Vitamix blender and why it is my all-time favorite.

Complete Vitamix  Professional Series Guide


Blendtec FourSide 94/100

Blendtec have been in fierce competition with Vitamix for years. Unfortunately Blendtec has been unable to catch up to its bigger brother. You can expect to save about $100-150 by choosing to go with a Blendtec model over Vitamix. Even though it doesn’t get our #1 rank, it is still a really great blender for those who seek extremely high quality product and try to save some money.

Blendtec also has a Youtube show “Will it Blend” in which they put various objects into their blender such as phones, marbles and a whole assortment of weird objects. You should really check out their channel and see just how powerful this blender is. Read my review and see why Blendtec clearly deserves to be on this list.

Complete Blendtec FourSide Guide


Waring MX1000R Professional 91/100

Just in general a very good appliance. Very heavy duty base that has just two switches on it. One for pulse and other for low and high motor speed. One warning though, this blender is merciless when it comes to blending ice cubes into snow consistency but it is extremely loud. Frozen fruits get pulverized in seconds to the point where if you put some strawberries in it, you will have problems trying to find the seeds.

Complete Waring MX1000R Guide 


Cuisinart CBT-1000 89/100

Cuisinart is known for creating good and affordable kitchen appliances. The Cuisinart CBT-1000 is their way of staying relevant in the blender market. A competitively priced, well powered and offering a great 3 year warranty, the Cuisinart CBT-1000 is a good appliance for those looking to spend under $200.

Complete Cuisinart CBT-1000 Guide




Ninja NJ600 85/100

Ninja NJ600 looks like a blender that should be in the $200-300 range. You’d be surprised what this blender ACTUALLY costs. My favorite feature is the fact that it comes with a larger than usual 72 ounce jar. Read my whole review to see what has impressed me about this Ninja blender the most.

Complete Ninja NJ600 Guide




Ninja Master Prep (QB900B) 83/100

This blender has an average 4.5 rating from over 5,400 reviews on – but how could a blender that only costs about $35 be so highly voted? What makes some people get rid of their higher end blenders for this one? I had to find out, and after 2 years of use I completely agree with the other reviewers on why the Ninja Master Prep can easily be the best blender for under $50. Want to see my experiences and opinions while using the QB900B? Click though and read my entire review.

Complete Ninja Master Prep Guide



Personal Smoothie Makers

Cuisinart CPB-300 SmartPower 95/100

The CPB-300 really shines as a portable and efficient blender. Its great for those who want to make personal sized drinks. I can tell you we’ve had really great feedback from those who have purchased the CPB-300. And we’re not really surprised even according to Consumer Reports this is one of the best under $100.

Complete Cuisinart CPB-300 Guide




Magic Bullet NutriBullet Pro 900 Series 93/100

This little powerhouse comes from a well known and reputable company. You have likely seen the commercials and should be fairly familiar with the NutriBullet brand.

The NutriBullet offers all the features one looks for in a personal blender and delivers it at an exceptional price. It costs about $30 more than the Cuisinart CPB-300, for which it loses a few points since both are really close in terms of features and usability. Interested in why so many people are talking about the NutriBullet? Read our entire review and see for yourself.

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